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Odessa theater of musical comedy of Vodyanoy

Address: [Panteleymonovskaya], 3 output - Tuesday the telephones of the cashboxes: +38 (048) 725 04 22, 725 09 24 number of packages: 1300 sites: www.operetta.odessa.net In the repertoire of theater today is plays of practically all directions and genres of musical theater from the classical operetta to the fate- opera, the variety of musical - from [brodveyskoy] classics to the musical- detective and the musical in the style jazz. These are classical operettas - “[Maritsa]” and “the princess of the circus” Of [i].[Kalmana], “the bat” Of [i].[Shtrausa], “merry widow” Of [f].[Legara]; “[Zhirofle]-[Zhiroflya]” Of [sh].[Lekoka], musicals “my excellent lady” of F, Low, “Don Cesar de [Bazan]” [E].[Ulyanovskogo], “kiss me, [Ket]!” [K].[Portera], “the mousetrap” Of [a].[Zhurbina], “Hull, dollies!” J. Herman, “the wedding Of the [krechinskogo]” Of [a].[Kolkera]; “Exposed love” Of [m].[Samoylova], the play “ball in the honor of king”, dedicated to Mikhail [Vodyany]'s memory, plays for the children. With constant notices on the scene of theater goes the fate- opera “Romeos and Juliette” [E].[Lapeyko], youth audience assemble also musical “[Kentervilskoe] ghost” Of [a].[Ivanova] and dramatic fate- opera “Tristan and Isolde” [A].[Nezhigaya]. The musical “nameless star” Of [m].[Samoylova] was acknowledged as the best play among the Odessa theaters in 2006.

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