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Rosa's country

Stage “country of free roses” begins from the journey into the flower country, where we will take pleasure by beauty and aroma of many decorative plants. Then let us leave for the capital “of the countries of free roses” - the village Of [petrovka]. to look it will appear boundless steppe and ancient soaked - the former estate of the honorable kind Of [kurisov]. Two high towers from two sides guard open Moorish main entrance. Walls with the numerous protrusions and the roundnesses of towers and turrets are Gothic locking strengthenings, here only instead of the narrow loop holes they are decorated with lancet windows. From the back side - enormous terrace. On the very to the top of western wall is well visible large coat of arms, with the carven motto: “Yes there will be truth”. Lock beckons and, as if it attracts by its mysteriousness. So it is desirable to be touched these powerful walls to perceive the force of [bylykh]  times. Continuing acquaintance with the village Of [petrovka], let us leave for the church of the cover of  Mother of God. Then in the picturesque place Of the [kominternovskogo] region - mudflow Of [stepanovka], all awaits leisure into the shadow of scattered trees and the tasty dinner. Besides wonderful views this place is still famous as the estate of Russian artist- itinerant artist Nikolai Kuznetsov and daughter of Maria Benoits. After fortifying, it is possible to visit the museum, located in the residence of artist. 


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