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 We invite you to complete the captivating trip to The [sofievskiy] park, which is located in the ancient city Uman' Cherkass region and is the excellent creation of the geniuses of the landscaping skill of end XVIII - beginning XIX of centuries. Park is widely known both in the Ukraine and beyond its limits. [Sofievskiy] state [dendrologicheskiy] preserve occupies the area more than 150 hectares and is the model of the landscape park composition of water, earth, architectural construction and sculptures. This picturesque locality is called the fairytale country - so here everything is uncommon, it is poetical and it is wonderful. Here you will find the English park, where is assembled the rich collection of plants from the entire world, the cascades of lakes and waterfalls. You will be charmed by surprising views, numerous fountains, artificial grottos and refined  sculptures of antique gods and goddesses. In the depths of this park laps the unique artificially created creek, on the shore by which is possible magnificently [otdokhnut].[Glyadya] to the waterfalls and the cliffs, it believes with difficulty that you be situated in Cherkass region, but not, for example, in the Crimea. And that this beauty and sublimity are created with human hands. All this can be seen, after visiting park. Is good “[Sofievka]” at any time of the year: both into the spring flowering and into the hot summer intense heat, and by gold autumn, and into the winter silence. 


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