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Excursion on that based in Bessarabia by Russian Old-Believers and Ukrainian cossacks to historical city [Vilkovo] - to city, where instead of the roads - channels, and pavements - wooden layings on the piles. [Vilkovo] they usually compare with Venice, but town rather is similar to Dutch [Khitkhorn]. Boat excursion into The [kiliyskuyu] delta of Danube, the youngest delta in Europe. [Vilkovo] city was based ON THE SHORE SEAS in 1746. So many years and To the [kiliyskoy] delta, which moved aside city from the sea on 18 km. The process of [deltoobrazovaniya] does not cease, and those, who for the not first time in the delta, can themselves be convinced - here everything changes by continuous- they appear new islands, scythes and bays. Here excellent Danube biospheric preserve - most surprising preserve with many birds and fantastic violent nature. Stoppage on The [delyukovoy] scythe - where is located sign “0 km” (length of Danube it is counted off, in contrast to other rivers, from the sea). Excursion on the wooden boats, built by [vilkovskim] master - on such boats cossacks fished and  warred since the beginning of their life in the delta. Accurately such boats and in the Rumanian delta,  where the population in essence - Russians and Ukrainians. Short stoppage in fishing settlement - you will see houses on the piles - so that during the flood house it would not flood. Stoppage on the ancient [vilkovskom] vegetable-garden on the island. Do not think that this is usual vegetable-garden is not, this is the most surprising vegetable-garden - built by hand. Here seven small islets, connected together by layings. All around wild nature - you look, listen to and feel. 


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