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Belgorod -Dnestrovskaya fortress

You will be introduced to the history of the Black Sea area, and in Belgorod -[Dnestrovskom] city you will see the ruins of ancient antique city shooting ranges and medieval fortress, with one of the large in the Ukraine. Fortress is of interest as complex according to the structure architectural construction. It from three sides is surrounded by the deep ditch, cut into the cliff, and from the fourth side it washes by waters of estuary. At present the depth of ditch reaches 9-10 m, initial depth - to 20 m, the width of ditch - 13,5 m. Ditch was filled up with water from the estuary with the aid of the special pumping device, set in action by taxed force. Because of the use of sluices the water stayed inside the ditch. The characteristic property of fortress is the fact that inside the ditch were built the combat towers, which  served for the reflection of enemy, which penetrated in inward ditch. Great interest causes fortress in  the cinematography. About 30 pictures were taken here. This “of Othello”, “ships storm bastions”, “by high price”, “notches to the memory”, “aquiline island”, “devils dozen”, “salt dog”, “to rustics and [Sukhrab]”, “the poem of two hearts”, “legend about [Siyavushe]”, “at the beginning of glorious deeds”, “fiery roads”, “captain it is silent”, “the waves of Black sea”, “[Shekspiriana]”, “desert”, “knightly lock”, “musketeers of 30 years later” and many others. 


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