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Odessa city tour

If this is your first time in our beautiful city and you would like to learn more about it, then a sightseeing tour of Odessa is for you. You can admire Odessa not only from the windows of a comfortable car, but also stroll through the most interesting corners of the city and experience its unique atmosphere. During the time, spent with an interesting and experienced guide, you will visit all the most famous sights of Odessa and make unforgettable photos for memory.

We will visit the park named after Shevchenko - the largest park in the city where the emperor Alexander II personally planted the oak; estimate the scale of the seaport; go along the Walk of Fame to the eternal fire. We admire the beautiful French Boulevard, reminiscent of the cunning and ingenuity of the inhabitants of Odessa; Cable car, which offers a picturesque view of the sea coast and the yacht club (by the way, boat trips are also available in the summer). We will examine such sights as: Odessa film studio; musical comedy theater; ancient wineries; the area on the 10th of April; Dendropark with a single artificial lake in the city, where you can admire the beautiful fountain and a couple of swans ..

Be sure to visit the famous Arkady with its nightclubs, palm groves, endless entertainment facilities and cozy beaches.

You  will also appreciate the variety of architectural styles in Odessa: Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Eclecticism.

During the sightseeing tour around Odessa you will stroll along the Deribasovskaya and Primorsky Boulevards. Admire the beauty of the Opera House, the building of the Odessa National Philharmonic, the City Duma, the Duke monument, the Potemkin Stairs, the Passage, the Palace of Count MS Vorontsov. You will see the Odessa Savior Transfiguration Cathedral and the Arab Cultural Center. No doubt you will be surprised by the "Teshchin Bridge", and our guide will help you to solve his main secret. You will find out why and how the "One-Walled House" appeared in the city or as it is also called "The Witch House".

For you to discover their secrets Cathedral, Catherine and Duma Square.

On a sightseeing tour of Odessa you will be told about the birth and development of Odessa, how and why there was an original culture of Odessa, about the people who lived here. What are only such names as Arman Emmanuel Sophia-Septimani de Viniero du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu, José de Ribas, Alexander Langeron, Catherine II, Franz de Volan, A.S. Pushkin, I.E. Babel, Ilf and Petrov, L.O. Utesov, S.I. Utochkin ... Those who were born, lived, gave the world their talent and created history in Odessa can be enumerated to infinity.


Duration of the tour is 3 hours.


You can order an excursion by phone 048 731 48 08, 048 794 48 08

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