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The center of the crop of wine Shabo

This is the only in the Ukraine complex, which unites in itself contemporary highly technological enterprise, historical wine basements, unique museum labyrinth, original exposures of topographical and architectural skill. “The center of the crop of wine [Shabo]” enters into the tourist map of European wine routes. Here with the great success are passed the measures, directed toward an increase in the culture of [pitiya], toward the popularization of the healthy means of life, toward strengthening of Ukrainian family. “The center of the crop of wine” gives the possibility of the company directly on the spot of production to achieve its mission - to increase the culture of the consumption of noble beverages, to form in the people respect for wine as centuries-old tradition and the culture. Yearly into [Shabo] arrive tens of thousands of tourists. And to look here actually there is to that. Museum labyrinth with the unique exposures, ancient basements and ultramodern wine depositories, film auditoriums, the original creations of contemporary architecture - [svetomuzykalnyy] fountain Of [dionisa], and also picturesque Alpine hill and the miniature grape small garden, where the best European types of grapes grow. To estimate the high culture of wine making is possible after visiting one of the shops for processing of grapes best in Europe. But having also gone down at depth 5 and 9 meters of lower than sea level into gigantic [vinokhranilishche]. Here in the small wine barrels “[barrikakh]” are maintained winemakings material, created from the best European types of grapes, which they rear by more than 1000 hectares of its own vineyards, located between The [dnestrovskim] estuary and the Black Sea coast. Tasting is conducted in the originally designed [degustatsionnom] hall. The tasting of faults [Shabo] carry out in the classical form the specialists “of winery [Shabo]”. To the beverages they will recommend to you and will give traditional hors d oeuvres for the tasting: crackers, the walnut, black chocolate. To guests they usually propose to [prodegustirovat]: 1. “CHATEAU SHABO CLASSIC” Chardon - white dry 2. “CHATEAU SHABO CLASSIC” of Cabernets - red dry 3. “CHATEAU SHABO CLASSIC” sherry - white dry 4. “CHATEAU SHABO CLASSIC” white [Polusladkoe] 5. “CHATEAU SHABO CLASSIC” red [Polusladkoe] 6. “Cahors wine is Ukrainian” - the red dessert fault series “royal histories” 7. Cognac “V.S.O.P.” (five stars) on the territory is located the firm store, in which it is possible to acquire production from TM “[Shabo]”, and also souvenir production. Opposite “the center of the crop of wine” is located the restaurant “[Shabskiy] cavity”, in which is represented the present domestic kitchen: Ukrainian borsch with [pampushkami], shashlik on the grapevine, [lavash] from [suluguni], Black Sea plaice, prepared on [grile], brynza, [uzvar] and the lemonade of its own preparation, and also diverse pickles from the cellar. Well and by itself understanding: fault from TM “[Shabo]”. 

Phone: +380 48 7000 210
Site: http://shabo.ua
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