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Odessa Biopark

 In South Palmira, which has long been praised by inhabitants and visitors of our city with its color, humor, beaches and the Black Sea, enveloping the whole coast of our city, there was another place for recreation, which can not leave without attention - Biopark. Biopark is a new modern zoo where you can plunge into the world of exotic animals, watch them, learn about the peculiarities of their behavior, as well as many other interesting and cognitive facts.

Here you will get acquainted with rare representatives of the animal world of our planet: white lions and Bengal tigers, mandrills and gibbons, chimpanzees and Ussuri bear, capuchins and lemurs, giant tortoises, kangaroos and meerkats, and the only Goths of Rothschild in the South of Ukraine.

Also, the key pride of the Biopark is the only Safari in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the summer of 2017 visitors have had a unique opportunity to go on a real journey through the wild. This is a completely new and unforgettable adventure, during which guests can get acquainted with the most spectacular representatives of the animal world of all continents. During the trip you can see: herds of bison, zebras, llamas, buffaloes, ostriches, camels, as well as the longest horned ungulates - African Watussi. In addition, during the trip everyone is waiting for an exciting meeting with the kings of the lion pride! The excursion is conducted on a special car accompanied by an experienced guide who will talk about the features of animal behavior, their habits, as well as many interesting and cognitive facts. Together, the team of the Biopark created a modern, well-maintained park, where the residents feel comfortable, as well as visitors. On the territory of Biopark the park zone is well-equipped, it contains more than 20 modern open-air cages for the maintenance of exotic species of animals, the collection of which will be constantly replenished. And for visitors there is free parking for 285 parking spaces, a modern playground, a rural courtyard, a fast food restaurant and green areas for recreation.

In the zoo you can not only see rare representatives of the animal world of our planet, but also get to know them better, because in Biopark visitors are provided such services as: feeding animals, "Selfie with giraffe", "Visiting lemurs". In addition, qualified guides will conduct interesting and unforgettable excursions, and our animators and aquagimers will not ignore the youngest visitors. Visiting the Biopark zoo once, you will certainly want to return there again. If you are bored with city fuss, and you want to plunge into the world of exotic animals, then Biopark is exactly the place that you need!

Phone: 048 705 9999
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