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City garden

 The garden was launched by Felix De Ribasom (the founder's brother of Joseph de Ribas, Odessa) in 1803 on a part of urban land belonging to him right in the center of a young city. Due to the lack of funds to maintain the garden in order and care for plants, he decided to donate a garden to the city - this happened on November 10, 1806. The plot of land and the young plants on it were transferred to the city property free of charge.

The hill has been renovated and opened after reconstruction on May 9, 2007. A new rotunda and a musical fountain were opened on the territory of the garden, facades were repaired, replacement of all communications was carried out, a new substation was built, equipment for automatic irrigation was installed.
Work on the restoration and renovation of the fountain and installation of a computerized irrigation system in the restored City Garden on request of the Odessa City Council was conducted by the company Hydromontazh. The irrigation system includes 253 water sprayers, which at 2 o'clock in the night move out from the ground and for several hours watering the flower bed is carried out according to a specially designed scheme.
The main achievement of Hydromontraction specialists is the re-establishment of the central bowl exactly as it was 200 years ago, when on November 10, 1806, the garden was handed over to Deribas as a gift to the city. The original carar marble bowl has been preserved and restored.
Inside the historic metal fence the fountain instead of the old-fashioned outer shell of the shellfish is made of a modern marble reinforced concrete bowl.
The computerized command post of the fountain is underground. The fountain in the Odessa city garden actually consists of 2 different fountains. 13 jets of one beats a day, the second - light-musical works from 21:00 to 23:30.
Twenty-four tons of water supplied in the cycle are poured out of the 12 nozzles of the fountain for a minute.
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