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Real catacombs

 Odessa has a unique "Odessa underground" - hundreds of miles of underground roads, which were formed during the construction of the city - 200 years ago, when extracted from the mines of building stone.

Catacombs - the world's largest underground labyrinths,located near Odessa and the surrounding areaThe story of their origin goes back for the centuries: stone - coquina for construction mined here by the ancient Slavs.

Today you can visit a fascinating tourwhich takes place inOdessaAn experienced guide will lead you through the underground maze in which the period of the Great Patriotic Warpartisan headquarters was located.

Upon arrival to Odessa, you must visit the catacombs. All secrets of the Odessa catacombs will be opened for you. The catacombs in the area remained intact, and the walls and ceiling were only strengthened for the safety of the visitors. There is no electricity, so you will be given at the entrance helmet with a flashlight and hold a safety briefing. Here you will find an impressive history of quarrying, stories from the life of the guerrilla, smugglers and other temporary inhabitants of the catacombs. Only here you can feel the real earner stone and try to saw a block of stone by your own hands.

In the catacombs of its unique microclimate - there is a constant temperature of 12 degrees and the humidity is 80%, so that we must not forget the outdoor clothing and suitable footwear. The entire tour lasts about 1.5 hours.

You can book this tour at our Touristic information centre  on Odessa, Italian blvd, 11.  Tel. +38(048) 794 48 08,  731  48 08.  Skype visitodessa

Phone: +38 048 794 48 08
Phone: +38 048 731 48 08
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