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Passage and Deribasovskaya street

 “On The the [deribasovskoy] they go for a walk gradually…”. This of word from the song of the Odessa resident of Kim [Litvaka] - sculptor, the poet, grains, the excellent teller of Odessa anecdotes and simply good, merry person. But [Deribasovskaya] - it is not simple so the respected by Odessa residents street, the brightest pages of the history of city are connected with it. Thus, in the office of governor general, which was located in the house on The the [deribasovskoy], 24 (this building it was preserved), in 1823-1824 yr. as the college secretary worked [A].[S].[Pushkin]. Let us pass along the street several ten meters, and we will prove to be in the remarkable urban garden. To it almost as many years, as and to city itself. It was based by the brother of the founder of Odessa Joseph de [Ribas] by Felix and it is subsequently presented to Odessa. In 1898-1899 yr. on famous architect Leo [Vlodek]'s project at the angle of the streets Of [deribasovskoy] and Preobrazhenskiy was built the building of hotel “passage”. The splendid plastic decoration, executed by sculptors [T].[Fishelem] and [S].[Milmanom], makes building with the true monument of architecture. “Passage itself” is built in 1899, with what above each entrance the above two statues: Mercury on the locomotive and fortune on the vessel (so from the side Of [deribasovskoy]). The most beautiful cupola was raised above the angle. Inside passage is decorated with the remarkable sculptures, which are visible both on the second and on the third floors. Above the passage - glass roof. Today “passage” as from the moment of its discovery, is one of the brightest monuments of the architecture of Odessa XIX of century, and its architectural special features and numerous stores always drew both the Odessa residents and numerous guests of city. 

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