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 We will open for you Odessa, you will pass along the excellent streets, you [uznaetete] history and legend, you will see the most interesting historical and architectural monuments. We carry out pedestrian excursions the year round. You can simply arrive and be joined: excursions frequently must not be ordered, but it is simple to be joined to the group. Is certain, in summer this to make simpler and it is more right. We propose to you captivating excursions with the best guides of Odessa. Further you can become acquainted with the versions of excursions and select to your taste. Tourist information center is created in 2012. We develop individual stages for the guests of Odessa. We find the raisins of Odessa and we propose to the guests of city to try the best excursions, to see the most interesting places and in this case to maximally decrease the expenditures. We advise to you the program of marches on the museums, the stores, into the catacombs also of [delfinariy]. Let us recommend the best places for the stay in Odessa for the small money. All services of center are free. We let out 150 000 free maps for the tourists per year. We work so that you would rest. The most popular - this survey pedestrian on to center Odessa and catacombs, but we to you recommend to combine march into the artistic museum with the visit of grotto and catacombs under the palace. Selection always after you. Cost of the excursions: individual: 3-4 men. - 125 [grn]. from the man, 5-6 man - 150 [grn] from the man, for the groups - special prices to order excursions is possible on the telephones: (048) 7314808, 7944808 or on e-mail: 4883030@gmail.com

Wine Tours

Wine Tours  Вщ You want to estimate Bessarabian wines? Then selection after you. Tasting over the Yekaterina area, on the shore [Dnestrovskogo] estuary or at the plant…

Excursions around the city

Excursions around the city  To be missed around the city and not to hear about its history, legends and anecdotes… This all -equal how to go into the cinema…

Out-of-town excursions

Out-of-town excursions Do you want impressions after the city? Then we propose to you the trip to Belgorod -[Dnestrovskuyu] fortress or into the Danube fluxes to the…

The catacombs of Odessa

The catacombs of Odessa   Odessa has a unique "Odessa underground" - hundreds of miles of underground roads, which were formed during the construction of the city - 200…

Fests and short trips in odessa

Fests and short trips in odessa  Fests and short trips in odessa

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