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Beaches of Odessa

 Today in Odessa it is possible to find beaches to any taste. Odessa beaches - this of 30 kilometers, along which was arranged Odessa in Black sea, to each will be located corner on the soul. Beach with the sand or on the concrete slabs. Today all beaches are equipped with chaise lounges, cloakrooms and rescue stations. They daily sift sand with the aid of the special machines. The majority of beaches city passes to the lease with the condition for the assignment 30% area of beach free of charge. Entrance to all beaches of Odessa is free. But services on the beach can manage from 20 to 200 10 kopecks (chaise lounge, souls, pond, towel). We recommend to attend beaches early in the morning and afterward 16:00 (even if you decided to tan well). Frequently the visitors attempt to tan during the first days in Odessa and is carried out entire first day in the sun, and they in the evening become similar on boiled cancer or the leaders of redskin. Thus, further you learn about the beaches of Odessa.

Beach "Lanzheron"

The beach “Of [lanzheron]” - this is the closest to to center cities beach, it is located next to Shevchenko's park. You can traverse the…

Beach "Otrada"

Otrada is nearby [Lanzheronom] from one side and by dolphin with another, and also it is located along the route of health. Beach zone by…

A beach "Dolphin"

A beach
“Dolphin” is located under that part of the French avenue, where is located the university of the name Of [mechnikova] and many different student hostels.…

Beach "Arcadia"

Everybody know this beach in the entire Ukraine. It becomes a good tone to arrive here on Week- and: to descend into the night club,…

A beach is the "Gold shore"

A beach is the
Beach “gold shore” is located on the 16-[oy] station of large fountain. To the beach leads the narrow street, which is steeply descended to the…

Comfort beach-club "Plyazhnik"

Comfort beach-club
comfort of beach-club of the class of the luxes “Of [plyazhnik]” was arranged in the health resort zone at the 12-[oy] station of large fountain.…

Beach "Luzanovka"

It Is located in the city block Of [luzanovka] (20-30 minutes of ride from the center of city) the transport: [Marshrutki] 190, 120, 242, 230,…

Beach on the plates

Beach on the plates
Leisure on the plates they prefer those, coma more pleasant to lie on the concrete, than on the sand. Even in the Soviet time beach…


  Chernomorka is differed from all remaining beaches of Odessa in terms of the fact that it is located on the shore open sea, but…

Otrada beach club

Otrada beach club
One of the beaches in the joy is found not on the sandy zone and not in water, but on the slope - this Otrada…

Beach-entertaining complex “Riviera”

Beach-entertaining complex “Riviera”
In the picturesque place at the 12 station of large fountain was arranged beach complex “Riviera”. In the daytime this is beach, in the evening…

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