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Out-of-town excursions

Do you want impressions after the city? Then we propose to you the trip to Belgorod -[Dnestrovskuyu] fortress or into the Danube fluxes to the old believers into [Vilkovo]. To order excursions is possible on the telephones: (048) 7314808, 7944808 or on e-mail: 4883030@gmail.com

Belgorod -Dnestrovskaya fortress

Belgorod -Dnestrovskaya fortress
You will be introduced to the history of the Black Sea area, and in Belgorod -[Dnestrovskom] city you will see the ruins of ancient antique…


Excursion on that based in Bessarabia by Russian Old-Believers and Ukrainian cossacks to historical city [Vilkovo] - to city, where instead of the roads -…


 We invite you to complete the captivating trip to The [sofievskiy] park, which is located in the ancient city Uman' Cherkass region and is the…

Rosa's country

Rosa's country
Stage “country of free roses” begins from the journey into the flower country, where we will take pleasure by beauty and aroma of many decorative…

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