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How to arrive?

In Odessa you can arrive by aircraft, by train, by bus or on the automobile. In this division you will find information about the airport, railroad, sea and the auto depots of Odessa. By the way, the previously purchased airline ticket from Moscow to Odessa can cost to 40% cheaper than coupe-type RR ticket.


By aircraft

By aircraft
By aircraft to Odessa?  International airport “Odessa” - one of the largest airports of the Ukraine.  It is connected with the airlines with many cities…

By train

By train
 The most accessible and popular way to come to Odessa is train. In order to make your stay a success, will get return tickets in advance (for 45…

By bus

By bus
To arrive into Odessa by bus - this is comfortable in conveniently and it is inexpensive. You will focus attention, that in Odessa two auto…

By car

By car
  Do you always travel in the car? You  prefer the freedom of movement and the possibility to visit all sights, disregarding of the distances?…

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