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To describe the sights of Odessa in one division is complicated, but here we will recommend places required for the visit. Even if you plan to be in Odessa only one day. To be connected with us and to obtain information is possible on the telephones: (048) 7314808, 7944808 or on e-mail: 4883030@gmil.com

Operatic theater - pearl of Odessa

1, Tchaikovsky Lane.

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Odessa operatic theater - present architectural pearl of Odessa. Created on the project of Austrian architects - today this required place of visit for the tourists. We recommend to you not only to see it outside, but also to estimate the internal decoration of this masterpiece.

The Duke — Meaning More than a Duke

What to visit in Odessa? Tourists compulsorily attend the architectural ensemble - Potemkinskaya stairs, monument to Duke de Richelieu and two semicircular buildings on the seaside avenue.

Stairs into the sky

Potemkin stairs - the same symbol for Odessa, as is Eiffel tower for the Paris. This not simply of almost two hundred steps, but present phenomenon, moreover not only Odessa scale

Temples of Odessa: wonderful return

The temples of Odessa - this is is one additional surprising history of our city. But its most wonderful part - finding of that lost. Temples exploded, temples ignited, as if pulling out pages from the book of spirituality. Fortunately, not forever

Building of old exchange. Gun. Monument to Pushkin.

At the very beginning seaside avenue, in front of the building of municipal duma, rises monument to Alexander to Pushkin. This monument became the symbol of the glorious literary traditions of our city. The building of old exchange on its architecture the building of old exchange resembles Aleksandrovsk palace in g. Pushkin architect d. [Kvarengi]. Gun on the seaside avenue - is dedicated to the successful repulsion of the attack of English-French squadron in Odessa during the Crimean War, it was opened in 1904. Was in August 2004 finished the restoration of the gun from the English frigate, established over the Duma area.

Voroncovskiy Palace. Colonnade.

Colonnade (Belvedere) - the residency card of southern typeface - was arranged on the seaside avenue - the favorite place of the jaunt of guests and inhabitants of city. It was designed and built by the Italian architect OF [F].[K]. [Boffo] in 1826. Famous graph Vorontsov built his palace precisely, where there is no time it was located subjugated by Russia the Turkish fortress Of [khadzhibey]. Built on the project of architect [F].[K]. [Boffo] in 1827 in the style empire style, building to the decades caused the waves of the enthusiasm of public

Passage and Deribasovskaya street

Deribasovskaya - it is not simple so the respected by Odessa residents street, the brightest pages of the history of city are connected with it. Let us pass along the street several ten meters, and we will prove to be in the remarkable urban garden. In 1898-1899 [g].[g]. on the project of famous architect l.Vlodeka at the angle of the streets Of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskiy was built the building of hotel “passage”. Passage in French indicates “passage”, “the corridor, along both sides of which are located the stores”. Inside passage is decorated with the remarkable sculptures, which are visible both on the second and on the third floors. Above the passage - glass roof

Real catacombs

+38 048 794 48 08, 731 48 08

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We recomend you to go to the tour Real catacombs in Odessa!

Дельфинарий и океанариум

пляж Ланжерон
10.00 - 22.30
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